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" This serves as a testament to my experience with Sherry and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). I am a medically retired member of the armed services who suffers from PTSD and has chronic nightmares and sleep issues. I have been seeking psychological services of the VA for several years for PTSD, but have had had no relief from some things in my childhood that have come back to haunt me. I met Sherry with an open mind and did no research whatsoever on this type of therapy, hoping that this may help me finally resolve some issues. She did a very good job explaining the intent of this and the process by which the therapy is conducted.

After a few minutes of therapy and thoughts of my past experiences, I could feel the anxiety towards my issue build. This made me uncomfortable, but I also felt like there was a type of release from my mind taking place. It took a few minutes and the anxiety seemed to peak, then after continuing for a few more minutes I could feel the anxiety diminish and finally I felt a sense of peace and serenity.

Since then I have been free of the horrible thoughts that surrounded this trauma and have been able to sleep better with no haunting dreams. When I try to purposely think of this situation I am left with a blank thought and am able to continue on without issue."

-Jim from Tomah

After a NCW Stone Healing with Sherry, for the rest of the day and on the journey home it felt like I was seeing everything for the first time! I had a fresh perspective and felt a warm peacefulness. Thank you Sherry for the amazing healing! You really did a tremendous and powerful healing. 

- Doug from Eau Claire

I recently received a Crystal Healing session from Sherry and it was fantastic. She was able to relieve the pain I had in my shoulder and I've been pain free ever since. I felt relaxed and refreshed after my session with her. I would recommend everyone to try Sherry's healing touch.

-Renee from Colfax

When Sherry explained the concept of her Access Bars modality, I was hooked and just had to try it! My session was incredibly relaxing.You can feel Sherry's energy--she definitely has the gift of healing. The fact that this modality addresses EVERY aspect of life (physical, emotional, mental, social & spiritual) made it easy for me to justify it in my budget (although I didn't think it was expensive) and time. I love that this is intended to give immediate results, and lets you build on those results with return appointments at your own pace. I felt I like accomplished something in my time with Sherry. This was a good choice for me and would recommend this experience!

-Candy from Tomah

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